Problems? Call us!

Its not common to have orthodontic emergencies but if you have any issues at all please don’t hesitate to call us on 5975 5166 – we’re more then happy to help. We are open Monday to Friday from 8AM to 5PM.

Sore teeth

Most people will experience sore or achy teeth for a few days after having braces fitted or after regular adjustments. We recommend a soft diet during this time as pain is usually associated with pressure – either from chewing or clenching. If necessary, take a painkiller for some relief but if you have severe or persistent pain please give us a ring.


Ulcers can occur when something rubs against the skin in your mouth. Use wax over the bracket or appliance for relief and warm salty water mouth rinse. The ulcer should heal within the week and the skin in the area should now be tough enough without needing the wax. If you have a persistent ulcer ring us to arrange an appointment to have it checked.

Long or dislodged wires

This can be quite irritating and is not something we want our patients to experience. Unfortunately it is something which can occur within the first few orthodontic adjustments as the wire is very flexible or if there has been significant movement or space closure. Use wax over the exposed wire and give us a ring to arrange an appointment to remedy it.

Loose/broken bracket

This is usually the result of eating hard or sticky foods. It is important to avoid these foods as unnoticed broken brackets slow your treatment progression. If you notice a loose bracket make an appointment to have it rebonded. This is generally not considered an orthodontic emergency but we will usually see you within the next week.

My retainer or plate is hurting my teeth or gums

This can occur from the following:

  • New adult teeth coming through or general growth
  • Tooth movement
  • Not wearing the retainer/plate as instructed by your orthodontist
  • Gum/soft tissue inflammation

Please call us if you have issues with your retainer or plate to arrange an appointment. We prefer to see you as soon as you have an issue with your retainer or plate.

In case of temporary shut down, please use below resources