The Orthodontic Process

Your first orthodontic visit will be a consultation where we gather diagnostic records and formulate a plan going forward. It may be to monitor the development of the jaws and teeth where or to begin active orthodontic treatment.

Once an appliance is placed or issued, orthodontic treatment will generally involve regular appointments – usually between 3-12 weeks. Typically these appointments are short 10-20 minute appointments that we try to schedule outside of school or work hours. In these appointments we making adjustments to your braces or appliance to further progress treatment.

Some appointments will be longer – 30 or more minutes. These appointments include having your braces or appliance placed, taking records for SureSmile or removing your braces. These appointments are usually in the late morning or early afternoon – this allows us to see a greater number of patients for adjustments before and after school.

It is important to keep regular appointments as missed appointments can be difficult to re-appoint as we are generally booked out a number of weeks into the future. We send a text message to help remind our patients but understand that sometimes circumstances may prevent you from making it to your appointment. Please ring us to re-book as soon as it is convenient so that we can keep your treatment on schedule.