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When are Virtual reviews required?

Every patient is unique.  Children have varied personalities, aspirations and individual needs.  Your child’s teeth are no different.

Variation in facial shapes, growth patterns, dental and jaw alignment means each child requires an individually tailored plan for orthodontic treatment. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all” in orthodontics.  Seeking a qualified opinion from a Specialist Orthodontist and discussing individual treatment options for your child is the first step in your child’s orthodontic journey.

Whether your child will benefit from early interceptive treatment or treatment at a later date, an early diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment. Having a plan to be implemented at the appropriate time will allow for an optimum outcome. With few exceptions it is ideal to see the patient prior to the loss of the last of the baby teeth. It is also helpful in many cases to treat our younger patients while they are actively growing.

Here are Peninsula orthodontics we embrace every patients journey and treatment timeline, we now offer Virtual Reviews for patients that are not ready for treatment but allow us to monitor them remotely.

How does the  virtual process work?

The orthodontist places the patient on a reminder system generally every 6-12 months, once the review is due our system generates a email link or a SMS with a personalised link that asks for a few photos to be taken at home and a few questions to be answered, once this is complete the Orthodontist will review the photos and let the patient know if they are ready to commence their orthodontic journey or can be placed on a further review.