Extraction of permanent teeth with Orthodontics 

Extraction  of permanent teeth and Orthodontics

Why would this be?

The majority of the time, orthodontic treatment with braces can be achieved without the removal of permanent teeth. In some cases, however, the removal of permanent teeth is required to achieve the optimal dental and facial outcome. Some examples of where this might be the case are:

Moderate to severe crowding of the teeth

If expansion of the upper jaw is not an available option, the removal of permanent teeth can be required to achieve the best result.

Improvement of the bite

An assessment of the relationship of the upper and lower teeth may reveal a jaw size discrepancy. In many cases, this relationship can be corrected with braces treatment alone but, in some cases the removal of premolar teeth is required with the braces treatment to achieve the best bite correction.

Dental protrusion

Dental protrusion is when the upper front teeth “stick out” and require moving back. Creating space with the extraction of premolar teeth, can improve the angulation of the anterior teeth as well as improving the lip posture.

Compromised teeth

There are cases where the poor health and long term prognosis of compromised permanent teeth may indicate the need for the extraction of these teeth and orthodontic intervention to close the spaces.

An assessment by a specialist Orthodontist is always recommended. An analysis of the position of the teeth, their relationship to the lips and facial profile, the jaw relationship, condition of the teeth and gums will be completed before an individualized treatment plan is formulated.







Sallie Thomas

BSc (Melb) Dip OHT (Melb)

Oral Health Therapist