Benefits of smiling and laughing!

Having the ability to laugh and smile is universal, but the amount that we do it is greatly influenced by the quality of our teeth and how proud we are to show them off. There are numerous benefits to our health and wellbeing that result from the simple action of smiling.

Smiling and laughing makes you more welcoming and approachable, which can help you build relationships and improve engagement with those around you. Simply forcing your lips into a smile or pushing out a laugh triggers your brain into feeling happier; this can improve your mood and lead to increased relaxation. Beyond the mental health benefits, laughing and smiling engages muscles and releases chemicals in the body that can improve your mood.

Laughter and smiling is contagious, the more you do it the more those around you will reciprocate and the happier we all will be. Having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile can increase the amount we smile and laugh, and thus will allow us to enjoy all these benefits.