Do you really lose a tooth for every child? Pregnancy and your oral health

Let’s begin by debunking the myth that you lose a tooth for every child. It is not true. However, pregnancy can be a difficult time for your oral health. Here are some tips to avoid dental problems during your pregnancy.

Many women complain of sensitive or bleeding gums whilst pregnant – hormonal changes result in heightened risk to gum disease. Your gums during this period will be more prone to having an inflammatory reaction to the plaque on your teeth. Therefore, it is essential that good oral hygiene is maintained and that you still see your dentist every six months. Make sure you let them know you are pregnant too!

If you are vomiting due to morning sickness the acids weaken or erode your teeth. Rinse straight away after vomiting and avoid tooth brushing for at least 30 minutes. The use of Tooth Mousse straight after vomiting will help strengthen the enamel. This can be purchased at your dentist (generally not sold at pharmacies or supermarkets).

Cravings are common amongst pregnant women. Be aware that grazing on sweet food and simple carbohydrates throughout the day will increase your risk of developing dental decay.

Braces and pregnancy? We have many adult patients who become pregnant during treatment and it does not affect your treatment.

If you have any other specific concerns feel free to call us or speak to your dentist!