Photo competition #1 – Landscapes and the Rule of Thirds

Okay… important stuff first: Photography competition with $50 Coles Myer group gift vouchers up for grabs!

At Peninsula Orthodontics, we are lucky enough to have a very creative team working with us; 3 of our Oral Health Therapists (George, Campbell and I) and 2 of our nurses (Linda and Ash) love photography – you might have seen some of their work on our Facebook page and Instagram feed!

We know that a lot of our patients are very creative too, so we will be hosting photography competitions throughout the year! The theme of this competition is LANDSCAPES. The Mornington Peninsula is full of beautiful landscapes, so get out there and capture them! Bonus points if you can incorporate the rule of thirds into your photo.

What is rule of thirds?

The “Rule of thirds” is one of the most commonly used photography rules which aid in creating an aesthetic image. Some people will do this naturally, however, it’s really easy to learn and is of huge benefit to anyone interested in photography as it applies to all genres and not just landscapes!

(I might add, all rules can be broken, so it is not something that must be used all the time)

How to do it?

In your head, break the image down into thirds vertically and horizontally, like this:

rule of thirds

The reason why this is done is that often images which are not perfectly centred are naturally more visually appealing.

Now, when you frame your picture put the interesting things at either the lines or where the lines intersect. With landscape photography, the 2 tips I can give you is:

  1. Put the horizon on one of the thirds, either the top or bottom horizontal
  2. Find something else interesting in the foreground – Jetty, bushes/trees/plants, interesting shaped rocks etc.

Here are some examples and ideas for places to visit on a weekend!


The London Bridge lookout in Portsea.


Point Leo

Point Leo boat ramp.


Oliver's Hill Boatramp

The Oliver’s Hill boat ramp


How to enter?

Entering is easy. Choose your best photos or go out and take some that suit the category. Your work will be judged based on creativity, originality and in accordance to the theme. You can increase your chances of winning by entering as many images as you like! So share your vision through your lens!

Any of our past or present patients can enter, and the photos may be used on social media and for the 2017 Peninsula Orthodontics calendar.

Enter by:

Competition closes: 31st May 2016. Winners announced shortly after.



Photo from: Ronald Tan